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The person behind the Wealth-Generation Tips, M.Victor  he have had an extensive knowledge and experience in business and financial instrument (shares), doing the investment/trading in stock market from past decade learn the ups & downs of stock market, with the experience he gained from it, he wanted to help the needy people who are interested in generating wealth by imparting his knowledge.
The book Wealth-Generation Tips to give the financial literacy of generating wealth, the book covers all aspect of financial investment tips & how to mitigate the risk associated with the different investments, so as to generate optimized wealth buildup result.
Our mission is to reach as many Indian as possible to educate them to generate wealth also to involve themselves in the Indian economic revolution which is affecting the almost all sections of the people with high inflation, a decade back Rs. 4 lakh costing 30’x40′ plot in Bengaluru is costing Rs. 60 lakhs now it’s is true in all other places as well. It is happening for many reasons one of the reason is many of them earning through stock market today hence more money flow, more demand in the market, How do common people going to face this high inflation, so we wanted to help people learn and earn optimum passive income from the investment avenue like SB, FD, RD, bonds, stock market, commodity market, real estate. to beat the inflation mitigate risk thus generating wealth.
We hope this “Wealth-Generation Tips” book will guide you for the wealth buildup, wish you all the best!
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