Earn Monthly income
Are you looking to earn Rs 25000.00* or more monthly through the investment with the capital appreciation?.  Are you an earning member and have the ambition of a good life style?
We all have the ambition to live a good lifestyle indeed, unfortunately, due to the different difficult situations or lack of opportunity or lack of knowledge make us vulnerable and give up our lifestyle goals. Can you give up? the answer is no. Today when you compare a cost of land & 10 years back it have jumped 1000% at least in the city limits but the villages also of no difference likewise the essential commodities so inflation is making our hard earned money worth less what is the purchasing power of today’s 1 lakh may not be the same after 5 years so can you give up? the answer is no. So what is the solution you need to generate passive income through investment avenues?
Earn Rs 25000* or more monthly:
Today the best investment instrument available in the financial market is equity market.  How you are going to earn through the equity market i.e, earn Rs 25000* or more monthly & capital appreciation in the long term?. You need to understand equity market can be classified  as stocks & derivatives market, stock is delivery of the product which you are buying (demat) and derivatives is the product which it derives from the stock which is not delivery settled but based on expiry date or at the time of square off  value is been settled. The derivatives are like an insurance which protects your investment. So when you are having the long-term investment perspective the derivative gives you the monthly returns & the shares gives you the long-term capital appreciation.  Many people today may or may not be aware, make wrong investments of day trading in stocks or short-term or purely investing only on stocks that may not give the ample returns.
So we are giving our members all the required guidance to invest in stock through hedging strategy to generate good monthly income earn Rs 25000* or more monthly & long term capital appreciation. So why are you waiting to accomplish your wishes join the Membership Now. All the transactions will be carried & handled by you which can be monitored online and also your convenient banker, demat account, depository participants of your choice. Today all the nationalized banks are operating these accounts you can open the account there as well.
Membership fees:
We will be charging the one-time membership fee of Rs. 5000.00 it’s a lifetime membership fee and 10% of the profit you generate.  We will be sharing you of  5 to 10 company list you can invest in equities through the e-mail/website, which is of good perspective to invest. Also, which derivatives product you need to buy/sell, details of the quantity of equity purchase/sell from time to time to attain an optimum capital appreciation in the long-term.
Who can apply:
  1. Those who can invest 5 to 10 lakhs with long-term perspective 5 years to 10 years ( All the investment transactions are monitored and handled by you only, at the current banker, now all the nationalized banks are operating demat account & trading account)
  2. The person applying is filling income tax returns regularly and have no income tax disputes.
  3. The money investing should be of known sources of income.
  4. The money investing should not be borrowed money.
You need to take some risk in your life to reach your goals, why are you waiting to accomplish your wishes,  join for the membership now
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