Look at the below chart we were giving a list of investment instruments which you can use mainly for stocks & derivatives every member needs to invest minimum in any one stock lot & derivatives of the stock you need to purchase at the mentioned strike price moreover the price as closely as possible. You should have further cushion of 100% of the cash if possible (not a must) for best capital appreciation in case of any further investment required in the holding stock. The square off of the derivative we will be updating on the site as & when required at the time of expiry or during the interval based on the spot price, members need to update it from the site.  Even though we are encouraging people to have a long term investment in a stock say 5 to 10 years period & members are advised to consider the profit of capital at the end of this 5 to 10 years exit time only (since the market will be fluctuating in the short term don’t panic) , but on certain market condition & price movement we may recommend to square off the stock lot in the short duration as well which will be taken in view of the strategic position. The overall capital appreciation of the value need to be looked at long term of  5 to 10 years basis only.
At certain stages we may encourage members to go for the debt instrument as well based on the position of the member’s age, expected major expense in 1 or 2 years time, stock price, sectoral , market & economic conditions etc. in view of the strategy, if it is with in the 10 years period members are encouraged to reinvest at the favorable condition, which we will be updating on the site.
Members where to operate the account:
All the investment will only be handled by the members at their own demat, trading & bank account & of your choice (nationalized, private or MNC banks & their subsidiaries trading account). We will receive no deposit or we will not handle any transactions other then providing the investment instrument details which you need to update from the member section of the website Our aim is to help the common people to earn from the instruments which are giving decent to good returns in long term and generate wealth, who were illiterate or lacks  knowledge in the financial instruments. The low investment (compared to the real estate investment) this passive income which are now commonly availed by the elegant should also reach the common people,  Get Membership.
Member profit sharing percentage:
Members need to deposit 10% of their monthly profit getting from the derivative product into our account every month when you are making the profit, any negative values (loss) will be adjusted in the subsequent months from the profit excess needs to be credit in to our account. The capital appreciation profit will be calculated at the time of square off of the stock lot & 10% of the profit needs to be credited in our account. Became a Member Now.