77 tips for your wealth generation book
Wealthgeneration tips book ProductStudying our product publication “77 tips for your wealth generation”  were for generating wealth which is very helpful for the office goers, retired persons, self-employed, housewife, students or anyone who is looking for passive income & generate wealth.
In the earlier days majority of people do their savings or investment by SB’ s, FD’s, RD’s etc. but unfortunately many of them even today make their savings or investments in those traditional methods, hence the inflation will make the value even lesser or worthless after some period. We all know how the Indian economy multiplied  & vibrant after the year 2000 also the share market, real estate which are the fulcrum of this economic activity.
There are methods and avenue for beating the inflation & generating wealth. One such method is by studying this book “77 tips for your wealth generation” and applying those tips on the financial transactions. These tips should be applied to share market, derivative market, commodity market, real estate generally speaking for all financial markets. Learning the tips and applying those principles in your day to day financial activity/ investment will make you actively part of the economic dynamism. Moreover, your investments will beat the inflation will help you generate the wealth systematically with more dynamism &  vigor moreover avoids any pitfalls in the process of wealth generation.
Are you aware! you can make all most regular income from the stock market (based on the side of volatility), the investment from the stock market will fetch you better passive returns, the investment of Rs. 5,00,000/-  to  10,00,000/- fetch you   a monthly income of  Rs. 10,000/-  to  Rs 25,000/-. Are you interested in generating monthly passive income from the investment along with the capital appreciation in  the long run. Surely you will be delighted to invest but how? is it not,  but before investing we encourage you to understand all the risks associated with  the shares investments  by reading the book “77 tips for your wealth generation” order at  https://www.wealthgenerationtips.in/product/77-wealth-generation-tips-book/ Wanted to join monthly earning from stock market- passive Income, we will provide free guidance but of course by profit sharing basis/subscription basis we will be intimating those who are interested once we start accepting the application.
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