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Take into account your financial goals are not achieved the day you start earning but on the day you kick-start the finances to working for you. The wealth-generation is to know how to invest in funds which are strategically the best investments to beat the inflation & generate the wealth which should help you in the time of emergency & also takes care of your goals of asset building & major expenditure such as four wheeler, home, marriages, children studies for school & colleges also for your retirement.
In the modern  day need of a normal family come with a very high cost if you don’t follow proper investment plan a car 7.5 lakhs, a house 45 lakhs, several lakhs for education in good schools or colleges for children, for retirement corpus crores the normal essential needs of peoples are been escalated into dreams due to inflation, but how do you meet these challenges of life? for an average income salaried person, he needs to plan early in his career with the financial plan to avoid any financial favor at the time of need of his dreams, with a strategic holistic plan to address these goals of wealth generation.
It may not be easy as it looks, any poor money investment plans may lead you to undesired goals even the many of the financial literates find it difficult to plan their investment for wealth-generation, same is the expectation of the most of the other groups who are into various other fields of expertise, whatever their age group may be. The ignorance may often result in faulty investment choice, flawed portfolios, unmet goals and financial insecurity later in life.
The “77 tips for you wealth generation” book try to give the basic essential guidance to plan investment, the basic analyzing like budgeting, goals, investment, insurance etc. mitigating the investment risks with the optimum value. These are merely excelled you to learn, research & plan continuously to achieve the goals of wealth-generation.
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